Welcome to The Mantell Syndicate Forums. We are an RP guild housed on the Ebon Hawk server in SW:TOR. If you are visiting, feel free to look around and read about our adventures, however you will be unable to post until you create a user, and even then you will only be able to post in certain forums until you complete your application process. All new members as well as those thinking of applying should make themselves familiar with the forum rules, the Guide to Forum RP and the site in general.
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Forums rules and "best-practices" for good forum usage. All new members or those thinking of applying should read this forum. (No open posting in this forum.)

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The Forum Rules can be found either from the link at the top of the forum that says, "Rules" or you can go straight to it by... Forum Rules - Please Read
01-20-2009 11:17:43
Last post by: Janice
Application Forum for Guild Membership (Unless you are an operative, please post only on your *own* thread.)

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Miss Omani, After numerous meetings with my employees, and a few requested jobs completed for the company - including a sensitive encounter with Coruscant customs - the decision has been reached to grant you the status of Contractor. You... Application: Dijii
01-31-2014 15:39:17
Last post by: Director
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General information provided to Syndicate members concerning local, global, and galactic operations. Looking for a job or a run? Check here and there may just be something for you.

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Half Enthusiastic Salutation: Greetings operatives. Borderline Dejected Exposition: A rare opportunity has arrive for us which will not only provide upgrades to this unit and potentially bolster our numbers in valued droid acquisitions. Totally... ATTN: Sector X and Valuable Cargo
11-14-2012 23:20:42
Last post by: Janice
Open, freeform RP at various locations on Ord Mantell and beyond. All RP here is assumed to take place outside any current mission timelines. ((Open to Contractors and Operatives))

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Chet looked up at Vannik sheepishly. "Sorry to interrupt, boss. I meant for this to be a social call, but you look like you've got a lot on your mind." Safe Landing [OPEN]
04-22-2014 14:07:34
Last post by: Dustflier
Where you will find current jobs and records of older ones that pertain to the current state of the Syndicate. Older stories are housed in the Vault.((Use this forum for your RP stories. Operatives may post here. Please use the 'Feedback Loop' for posting any commentary on the stories.))

The Vault The Vault

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The Director didn't miss a beat, launching in to answer Vannik's question. "Only a bare minimum has been done to keep the company afloat. Janitorial staff was kept on; most of them do not speak basic and will pose no threat to... Middle Management [CLOSED]
03-01-2014 22:38:38
Last post by: Dr. Ubbit
Forum for all new applicants to post details of their first run as part of the application process. For use by new applicants only. All RP stories in this area are considered 'closed RP'. All other stories should use the 'Operations' folder. Please use the 'Feedback Loop' for posting any commentary on the stories.

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[size=18]Chapter 3[/size] “While my arrival has been delayed due to an attack earlier, rest assured that your packages are safe, and I will be arriving there shortly.” said Retlaw as he looked beyond his holoterminal. The holographic figure of... Fighting Spirit
10-02-2013 12:16:10
Last post by: Retlaw
Detailed histories of Operatives. ((If you have a journal for your character then feel free to post it here. Posting for Operatives only.))

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[color=#99ff33]//DOC#232237039 //FILE / LIANNA_NEWS / SPEEDER_EXPLOSION_KILLS_THREE_PEOPLE //HANAR: For a news article that didn't make the headlines, this particular one caught the Master's attention.[/color]... HANAR's Memory Core
03-01-2014 17:38:35
Last post by: Retlaw
Historical records for Operatives. ((If you have a short story or biography of your character, then feel free to post it here. Must have Operative status to post.))

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BREEEEEEEEEEP! Orlagh sat up straight in the medical bed, groaning as she held her bandaged face. Her eyes darted across the empty room to look for the offending noise. Finally, it landed on her communicator sitting next to her bed. It emitted... [Contest]Raggedy Ewok
03-31-2014 19:19:14
Last post by: Orlagh
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Place any (constructive or encouraging) feedback you'd like to here on any stories currently being run in the 'Operations' section (other than 'Trial Run' - which has it's own forum). Please title your threads the same as the title of the story you're commenting on and make sure there isn't already a comment thread running before creating a new one.

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Submissions so far: [url=http://mantellsyndicate.com/index.php?option=com_agora&task=topic&id=1935&Itemid=102#p30578]There Must Be Balance...[/url] by Jett Baas.... Entry Feedback
03-30-2014 23:42:05
Last post by: Skorlen
Place any (constructive or encouraging) feedback you'd like to here on stories currently being run in the 'Trial Run' forum. Please title your threads the same as the title of the story you're commenting on and make sure there isn't already a comment thread running before creating a new one.

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Thanks for the feedback, Skorlen. :) [quote]1) Would you mind going over it and editing it for grammar, to help it flow a bit more smoothly? There are parts where I really can't tell who's speaking when, and I need to double- or... OOC: Fighting Spirit Commentary
10-06-2013 13:17:52
Last post by: Retlaw
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Discussions about any rumors and news about the upcoming game

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SPOILERS, of course, but a beta tester for the Galactic Starfighter expansion has streamed video of him playing PvP. It's absolutely incredible, and guess what? Here's a snippet:... SPOILERS - Next Big Thing?
10-21-2013 02:21:40
Last post by: Dustflier
Universal thread for all 'other' ooc topic. Additional threads may be created as needed.

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[youtube]jidziKYG9jk##[/youtube] The Syndicates Official Lolz Thread (NSFW)
Yesterday 01:14:55
Last post by: Dustflier

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