Mantell Syndicate Report A recently intercepted SIS intelligence document on The Mantell Syndicate.
The Holonet Slice into the Syndicate's Personal Holonet and learn more about 'individuals of interest'.  
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  • The Questions

    What is the Mantell Syndicate?

    What is this shadowy organization that has eluded capture and discovery for for over 200 years, all the while operating right under the noses of the Republic and Imperial forces? Intrigued yet? Read on to find out more about this successful criminal cartel.

    So, you've got some questions, do you?

    Normally the Syndicate and its associates don't like people who go poking their nose into business that isn't theirs - but in this case, we'll make an exception. Find out more about some of our most commonly asked questions. Click here.

  • The Classes

    Smuggler : Yes

    The smuggler is the core of the Mantell Syndicate. Versatile and driven, the smuggler knows how to change the plan on-the-fly and while it may not elegant or orthodox  - the smuggler gets the job done.

    Jedi : No

    In an organization built on secrets and deception, Jedi and their 'mind tricks' are viewed with suspicion at best and are only worked with as a necessary evil. Force-users are not welcome in the ranks of the Mantell Syndicate.

    Trooper : Yes

    Every criminal organization worth its spice needs 'the heavy'. Most troopers in the Syndicate are ex-military who have deserted or were discharged. We also have a handful of 'Mandalorians' who fall into this class.

    Imperials : No

    While the 'Bounty Hunter' or even the 'Imperial Agent' would make excellent additions to the Mantell Syndicate, game mechanics will not allow it. While many of our members may play Imperial alts, there will be none in the guild.

  • The Rules

    IC Rules

    The Mantell Syndicate, being an organization that makes its living and reputation on 'breaking rules', has very few rules of its own. Referred to as "the code of three" by its operatives, it's a straightforward list emphasizing loyalty, responsibility, and profit. However, while the rules may be simple, the consequences for breaking them are often... not.

    OOC Rules

    Every guild has a list of written and/or unwritten rules by which the group operates. We've found that the 'written' ones are much more useful and so we've assembled them all in one location for your convenience. Have a look.

  • The Process

    Application Process

    The Mantell Syndicate seeks to provide quality role playing environments and tools for quality role players. As such, we do have a rather involved application process to help us know who's really interested in becoming one of our operatives and who's just 'window shopping'. If what you've learned of us intrigues you and you are interested in learning more of our application process, then read on.

    Selecting a Trial Run

    Technically, you don't 'apply' to work for the Mantell Syndicate - they recruit you. And what savvy recruiter is going to offer a potential operative a lucrative contract without a 'Trial Run' first? Have a look at some of the possibilities your trial might take and figure out which best suits your own particular 'skills'. Read more.

  • The Missions

    Current Missions

    Want a taste of the kind of adventure that awaits you as an operative of the Mantell Syndicate? Have a look at our current missions running in our 'Syndicate Operations' thread. There are over a hundred missions to choose from (and growing). Take your pick.

    Trial Runs

    Want to have a look at how all our operatives got thier start in the Mantell Syndicate and perhaps get some ideas for your own Trial Run mission? Then narrow your missions focus and sight in on our "Trial Run" forum.

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  • JFaLLeN : Just want to go ahead and put this out there for everyone that submitted stories, I've read them all and phew..You guys have definitely got some creative minds. If I had to be the judge, Idk how I'd pick a winner because they were all awesome stories. Good luck Vannik!!
  • JFaLLeN : Yes!! Player housing AND it looks like the next "Double XP Weekend" is going to be March 14th through March 17th, just so everyone knows!!
  • Dr. Ubbit : Player housing is coming.
  • JFaLLeN : Glad to see it's back up and running!! Thank you!
  • Skorlen : Should send it to the corner until it can behave itself.
  • Hashali : sorry if I am not on as often as I promised Real life really isn't as predictable as I believed it would be
  • Hashali : oh well if it is back I will see about getting back on
  • Dr. Ubbit : Have to duck out of event tonight; cut one of my fingers at work and can't bend it. Have fun!
  • Rieth : Blizzard is under siege too via a trojan called 'Disker'. Be careful!
  • Dr. Ubbit : According to reddit, EA servers got hit with a DDOS attack.
  • JFaLLeN : Yeah it was off and on for probably about 20 or so minutes after we chatted Hash, then finally stabilized..
  • Hashali : tried to get back in and it wasn't working
  • Hashali : I was in for like five seconds and then lost connection to my server
  • Hashali : mine went down too
  • Skorlen : Anyone else's SWTOR go down? Or am I the only one who can't connect?
  • Skorlen : Happy New Year's to you too Faythe! Don't be a stranger.
  • Faythe : Hugs and Muffins Syndicate. A Happy New Year.
  • JFaLLeN : We miss you too Iv'arri. Happy Holidays. We hope to see you soon.
  • Rieth : Hey all. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I miss you, but I needed a break from RP. Have a great holida, and I adore you all!
  • JFaLLeN : Just chatted with Vas'il tonight. He's moved and settled in. He's just having some interweb issues now. He's stated that he may not be on anytime in the foreseeable future.. Just wanted to keep you all updated.
  • Dr. Ubbit : Er. Click on my name for the working clink.
  • Dr. Ubbit : Attention Syndicate Friends! If we are not friends on steam, add me (my profile is here: «link» Every day from tomorrow (12/18) to Christmas (12/25) I'll be randomly selecting one person and buying them a game on their Steam Wishlist, so long as the game is under $20. Obviously you must have eligible games on your wishlist to be included. Happy holidays!
  • Skorlen : What's on your mind?
  • Hashali : is there anyone online to answer a question for me?
  • Hashali : apparently my computer can handle it
  • Hashali : Hey I just registered, sorry if I am slow in reply I'm doing this from my phone, my computer can't handle the site's awesome
  • Dr. Ubbit : Thanks for the heads up! Hope the move goes well for him.
  • JFaLLeN : Hey just so everyone knows Vas'il will not be on for a couple days..he's moving. He wanted me to advise everyone just in case ppl were wondering..
  • JFaLLeN : Hey, I just want to say for everyone that's leaving for the holiday or won't be online due to it..Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great day and enjoy it.
  • Davgii : Won't be able to make it tonight. Really was hoping to be there.

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